Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tourism in Argentina: Launching of first tourism digital magazine of Argentina

Altournatives - Tourism in Argentina and Buenos Aires city tours, launches the first digital magazine of tourism in Argentina

Altournatives Magazine was created to support the promotion of tourism in Argentina and Buenos Aires city. The idea of this digital magazine is to provide information in order to make the stay of the future visitor a memorable one.

The magazine will guide you through hidden places of Argentina, wil tell you what and when to visit it, where to stop for your best picture, where to eat, sleep and all the necessary information you need to plan your trip.

The first number is expected to appear by end July 2009.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Turismo en Argentina: Altournatives lanza sello de la calidad turística

Un emprendimiento de Altournatives y Altournatives Magazine para categorizar establecimientos o emprendimientos vinculados al turismo en Argentina y ayudar al viajero a tomar una decisión adecuada.

El sello de calidad Altournatives se entrega a aquellos proveedores de servicios relacionados con el turismo en Argentina, que demuestren un firme compromiso hacia la plena satisfacción del cliente y la superación de sus expectativas.

Es así que el sello Altournatives premia y valoriza a un establecimiento o emprendimiento, conformando el aseguramiento de calidad en la prestación del servicio turístico contratado.

Por qué aplicar?

El hecho de aplicar es auto someterse a ser visto bajo los ojos del mayor juez que es el cliente. Nuestra propuesta simplemente, es ayudar a construir la cadena de valor que el turismo en Argentina demanda.

Es así que ponemos a disposición nuestra experiencia y confiabilidad para involucrar a tu emprendimiento y alcanzar altos niveles de confiabilidad orientando los procesos diarios de la actividad hacia la filosofía de la mejora continua.

Los beneficios también son redundantes en la promoción del turismo hacia tu emprendimiento, dado que alcanzado el sello te verás incluido en nuestras guías de establecimientos y servicios de turismo recomendados de Argentina
Cuánto cuesta aplicar:

La aplicación al sello de calidad Altournatives es gratuita.

Altournatives Gold

La calificación gold aplica a quienes al margen de satisfacer plenamente al cliente lo hacen basados en los conceptos o pilares fundacionales de Altournatives, que son:

1- Exaltación de lo nativo
Definiendo así a aquellos emprendimientos orientados al turismo en Argentina que buscan destacar su componente autóctona en el rubro de aplicación. Por ejemplo sea tanto en la gastronomía, el alojamiento o en los tours por Argentina, o bien la conjunción de los mismos

2- Diversidad
Lo diverso radica en la variedad de propuestas conjuntas orientadas a lo nativo presentes en los servicios turísticos que ofrece el aplicante

3- Diferente.
Este último atributo hace a la diferenciación del aplicante en sus productos y servicios turísticos con respecto a sus principales competidores.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tours in Buenos Aires: Beer tour in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

The Buenos Aires beer tour is designed for those beer lovers by beer lovers. An encounter with your senses in a non traditional Buenos Aires city tour.

Starting on may 15th Altournatives will take you along the best hidden beer pubs of Buenos Aires. The tour will give you the chance to taste the best microbrewed beer of San Telmo.

Guided by an experienced beer journalist you'll be driven in a 3 hours tours across 4 pubs to taste 6 crafts beers (bottles or pint).

A tour not to be missed!!!! Coming soon on Altournatives Buenos Aires city tours

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tango in Buenos Aires: Tango show in Buenos Aires "Altournatives' style"

Altournatives offers you the chance to see the best Tango show in Buenos Aires city. This option is ideal to live a classic tango night at the rhythm of the 2x2.

During all 2009, Altournatives brings you an unique Tango show that should not be missed during your visit to Buenos Aires. The show can be further enjoyed, having dinner in this traditional place.
Altournatives selected a place that reflects the charming spirit of the Buenos Aires Tango; a place full of history where tango singers and composers gathered to create the lyrics.

The show tells about the evolution of Tango from the very beginnings in which the Tango was just a men dance, the influence of the "under city" of the lates 1920 up to the actual modern Tango dance. A show not to be missed.

The Tango program includes:

- Trasfers IN OUT lodging
- Tango show with private guide.
- Dinner: (Entrance - Main - Dessert)- Beverages (a 750 cm3 wine every 2 people and non alcoholic beverages)
- Tango Show (with 2 beverages - alc./soft )
- Mini night tour in your way back

PROMO DINNER TANGO NIGHT IN BUENOS AIRES with transfer: 75 USD Per person!!! Public Price: 80 usd without transfer

Just Tango Show in Buenos Aires with transfer (no dinner): 50 USD per person (with 2 included beverages - alc./soft )

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buenos Aires city tours + lodging in Buenos Aires - Tourist package for vacations in Buenos Aires

NEW 2009 !


This product is ideal for your vacations in Buenos Aires. The Altournatives Buenos Aires Pack includes:

- Transfer IN/OUT Int. Airport of Ezeiza - Apartment - Airport

- 6 nights / 7 days of lodging in an appartment for rent (Ref 101 o 102)

- 2 half day Buenos Aires city tours (classic and modern)

- 1 North Buenos Aires city tour + delta navigation + shopping day in Unicenter

- 1 dinner Tango show plus Buenos Aires night tour

430 usd !!! price per pax based in double occupancy
555 usd !!! price per pax single based

More info of apartments and Buenos Aires tours, click in:

Buenos Aires city tours

Apartments for rent in Buenos Aires

Monday, February 2, 2009

Buenos Aires Private tours: The city tour ideal for you and your family while on vacations in Buenos Aires

Altournatives offers a huge variety of tours in Buenos Aires city.

All our tours are private, and when we say "private" we mean "really private city tours of Buenos Aires"

- Not more than 3/4 people per vehicle
- Spanish/English speaking guide / driver
- Time to walk, time to see details
- We close the tour for your group only
- We visit all Buenos Aires
- Best guide/passenger ratio worldwide
- We focus on your interest
- We design your Buenos Aires trip
- Best price/value tour of Buenos Aires
- High standard vehicles

Just contact us and see the difference:

more info click on: City tours in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires city tour: Day tour around Buenos Aires city

In the Buenos Aires day tour you'll visit all the tourism spots of BA (traditional and not traditional ones). This tour is intended to show all of Buenos Aires in a day.

Here is a list of all the spots you'll see:

Barrio Parque: A typical French / English style neighborhood that gathers the rich and famous of Buenos Aires

Floralis Generica: The Mechanical flower of United nations park

Recoleta: Francia Square, and cemetery.

Retiro: San Martín Square, Foreign affairs building,

Plaza de Mayo, Government house (pink house), Cathedral and Cabildo (town hall of colonial times)

La Boca: Caminito, Boca Jrs stadium.

9th of July Av.: Obelisk, Justice palace, Colon theatre

Puerto Madero: Ecological reserve, Nereidas monument, Women's bridge

Palermo: horse racing field, Palermo Soho, Planetarium

North coast of River Plate: River Plate north margin, River Plate stadium.

Altournatives focuses on alternative and private tours in which we will talk about history,geography, nature, and any other interest you may have. See other tours at: Buenos AIres city tours